KAOS our new brand of school products was developed based on years of market research and direct feedback from our customers.
KAOS collection is based on high quality materials with fashionable trendy design at affordable prices.

The desire to create our own brand of school backpacks named KAOS was born in 2012, when we found there was lack of new designs on the market for older teens that would be unique, both in its appearance and structure, made of high quality materials.
KAOS is proudly presented as the new brand that easily competes with all the strongest brands of school backpacks and offers legal protection for unique designed backpacks with special features.

Each design KAOS carries a story of its own.


HARTIS d.o.o., established in 1993, with experienced multilingual executives in four foreign languages,
and over seventeen years in national and international commerce, continues its success: concentration to details and individual customer requirements to offer the RIGHT PRODUCT for the RIGHT PRICE for the ultimate proud achievement “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”. The company today counts around
30 employees.


HARTIS d.o.o., continuous growth in our customer base depends on providing a wide variety of innovative
products and programs, at the best possible price, and excellent customer service. This was HARTIS d.o.o.
foundation and continuous to be the guide for future growth.


Wholesale store extends on 1500 m2 that means giving you access to more than 20,000 business products,
from school & office stationery, computer supplies, fancy goods, gifts and other products from worldwide producers. It also means providing personal service from a staff of knowledgeable, helpful and friendly professionals.


Our retail stores are situated in the shopping center of Portorož, Koper in Nova Gorica, with over 6.000 branded office and school products. By working closely with key suppliers Hartis team guarantee a range of products that are high in quality at affordable prices.